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Miranda Stonebraker
Internationally Certified Master Groomer
Located in Yucca Valley, CA 
Serving the Morongo Basin for over 18 years 
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About us

                    Meet the Groomer!

Miranda Stonebraker, ICMG  first showed an interest in pet grooming while attending high school in Chino, California.  She had enrolled in a "veterinary assistant" program through the Regional Occupation Program that her high school offered.  While working in the veterinary office she kept finding herself drawn to the grooming area of the building.  More and more often she found herself asking the groomers if they needed help rather than the vets and techs.   After graduating from high school in 1995 she decided that it was time to move on from the fast food restaurant she was working at and look for another job.  While searching the newspaper she saw an ad that didn't have a job description on it.  She decided to take a chance and see what it was about.  When the lady, Michele Mulligan, answered the phone she explained that there had been an error in the newspaper and that the job was actually for a bather in a grooming shop.  She was interviewed the following day and hired the day after that.  After bathing and drying the dogs for only 6 months the owner of the business decided it was time for her to learn to groom.  She took Miranda under her wing and taught her everything she knew.  Miranda's co-workers all claimed she was a natural and couldn't believe how fast she learned and caught on and she was grooming with no supervision after just a few short months of training.  Miranda claims that it was definitely a higher power that led her eyes to that non-descriptive newspaper ad and is forever grateful to Michele for taking a chance on her.                
                                               (Miranda and Michele Mulligan seen here with a furry friend)

Miranda moved to Yucca Valley in October of 2000 and began working at The Posh Pooch in February of 2001.  She, once again, began as a bather as that was the only position available at the time, but she didn't remain a bather for long.  Within two months she was grooming full time again.  In June of 2005 the former owner of The Posh Pooch asked Miranda if she would like to buy the business.  The business changed hands on September 1, 2005.

Miranda believes that no matter what industry you are in there is always room for improvement and she prides herself on keeping up to date with current styles and goes to seminars as often as possible.   She is a competitive groomer at the highest level of competition and currently competes for Groom Team USA points.  She was the #1 competitive groomer in the state of California in the year 2008 and has held the #2 rank for 2009 and 2010 and is currently the only Internationally Certified Master Groomer in the Morongo Basin.

                                                     (Miranda and Buster the Irish Setter winning big)
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